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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

A Reality Check on H355

Recently, PAS held a huge gathering at Padang Merbok in KL. It called it the H355 gathering. It is named after the Act 355 which gives powers to the Islamic courts to carry out certain punishments. Haji Hadi wants to revise these powers.

PAS supporters came from all over the country. Many were given transportation. They set up camp on Padang Merbok. They spread plastic mats on the grass where they ate from styrofoam boxes and  and drank mineral water. Some huddled at any place they could muster. Later they performed prayers on huge mats spread on the padang. Meanwhile, the leaders ate and drank in special VVIP Tent structures. There they ate on tables complete with table spreads and food warmers and fine dining ware.In PASdom , there is strict hierarchy too.

It was a gathering to show support for Haji Hadi’s private members bill. In May 2016, he presented a motion before parliament to amend Act 355. In late 2016, he placed before parliament a motion to amend his original motion. Both times, the proposed amendment to ACT 355 was not debated. It only reached the state of moving a motion. The motion itself was amended, but the Act is yet to be touched.  

The Act 355 remains as it is. Islamic courts in the states of Malaya are still permitted to jail  an offender for 3 years, fined him for RM5000 and caned him with 6 lashes. Not enough says Haji Hadi- brutalise them more. Can jail up to 30 years, can impose a fine up to RM100,000 and can cane up to 100 lashes. Some people say that putting limits makes for a better Islam.

With the passage of time, the understanding about the bill became more muddled. We are always warned not to question the intention of the bill- to further the commandments of God. Haji Hadi is a cause for the confusion.

So Haji Hadi is doing a strange thing. He has not debated in parliament. He is bringing the his motion to the public who don’t understand what is going on. Then he says to the people, the bill is opposed by some MPs notably from Amanah dan DAP. He says these people are anti Islam. He is preaching hate to the congregation. 
Why has he not debated the bill when he had the opportunity? 

It appears that there have been extensive negotiations behind closed doors between PAS and UMNO to ensure passage of the emotion to become a bill. So when parliament convenes in March 2017, we can expect the motion to be spoken of by Haji Hadi, put to the vote and then accepted as First Reading. After that, the government will adopt it as second reading, have it debated and then put it to the vote.

But perhaps haji Hadi forgot that after being accepted as first reading, the DPM has promised to set up a joint committee to examine the technicalities of the proposed amended Bill. What does this mean? 
Meaning even before getting on as Second Reading, BN is still delaying accepting the motion as Bill. So, it is really the BN especially the UMNO ministers who are slowing down Hadi’s private ambition bill. Are they not faithful enough?

The party that stands in the way of the amended bill is the government of the day. Now, because the government of the day is working closely with PAS to have the bill become law, why was the gathering held? Surely with the support of the government, PAS will succeed.

UMNO has 86 members in parliament. UMNO can arm twist MCA and MIC members and non Muslim MPs of BN to support the bill. They are so attached to their positions as ministers to stand opposed to the Bill. They do not give two hoots about what their supporters think of them. So despite their bravado and brinkmanship, believe me when I say, all those humpty dumpties in MCA, MIC and Gerakan will capitulate. Then they will give all sorts of monkey reasons.

After that, the Islamic courts will get more powers. Salaries of those people who have not been industrious enough will be raised. Perhaps the senior judges get to use Mercedes and other facilities to make them of similar stature like civil court judges. The Islamic courts can then impose a fine of RM100, 000, jail people for 30 years and whipped the buttocks of offenders with 100 lashes. Then I suppose Islam will be more revered. Muslims are brutalised and traumatised. That is OK, because that promotes the exaltation of Islam.

A large number turned up. They are the faithful, supporters of the Islamic cause. They believed PAS is the party that best represents them. Although this belief is not universally shared, the supporters are entitled to believe it.

Because of the crowd and the vehement speeches that followed, someone writes that PAS is a force to be reckoned with. I do not agree with this assessment. PAS has more than 1 million members. Only 20,000 who turned up were probably pas members and included children from some madrasahs. The rest around 5,000 to 10,000 were people who belonged to various NGOs. For a party that boasts of a membership of more than 1 million, they must accept the gathering as a dismal failure.

So contrary to the view that PAS is a force to be reckoned with; UMNO now knows PAS is a paper tiger. The party does not have the resources to mobilise as many people as the organisers of Bersih did. It also means , people attach more importance to the objectives of Bersih than the objectives of PAS.

The gathering organised by PAS with a little help from friend UMNO was really a gathering of two groups of supremacists. The Malay supremacists in the form of UMNO and the Islamic supremacists represented by PAS.

A Malay supremacist is a Malay who thinks he has a birthright over everything before everyone else. The Muslim supremacist is the Muslim who believes that his version of Islam is the only one.

Those who refuse to accept UMNO’s narrative of things are not Malay enough, traitor to the Malay race, running dog to the Malay enemies. Those who do not accept PAS’s version on how to make Islam great,  are not true believers and are condemned roundly.

UMNO and present day PAS stand on the same foundation; a form a supremacist ideology. UMNO has chosen its version of racial purity and PAS chose its version of religious purity. A long time ago in the history of mankind, there was a mad man who wanted to establish an empire based on racial and religious purity. His name was Adolph Hitler.

The gathering was a show of strength and a warning to others not to challenge the ‘idea’ of Islam retailed by PAS all these years.

But the gathering revealed another aspect of  the reality in Malaysia:-UMNO does not have a monopoly on Malay-ness and PAS   does not have a monopoly on Islamic-ness.


Saturday, 18 February 2017

Dont Let racial and religious bigots blackmail us and divert our attention from their crimes and failures.

Yesterday morning, a few colleagues and I were with YB Rafizi Ramli at a press conference. It was held at his office at Invoke Space. It was to announce an upcoming event about a Congress on Felda. It is planned to take place in March 2017. I hope members of the general public and public spirited individuals will come.

As we are aware, Felda has come into much of the news lately. Unfortunately for the wrong reasons. Papers will be presented at that Congress.Then, people will know what is going on in Felda.

For a few months already, the opposition parties have been going around to felda settlements to make the felda people aware of the social, political and economic issues around the country. We want the felda people to realise that their problems were the result of an even bigger calamity faced by our country. We are living under the kleptocratic government of a man known as Najib Tun Razak. His government is a government of thieves, by thieves and for thieves. They are stealing money at every corner and making the country suffer.

Worse, they are hiding behind the protection of the law. 7 countries have found many things wrong with 1MDB. Yet our country’s AG said, there is no crime or illegal conduct with 1MDB. Is our legal system protecting bad people?

Other than public rallies, we will distribute handbills and leaflets. Felda people can read about the issues in their spare time. Maybe they can discuss among themselves at the warungs and pekan sehari. The issues are not only about felda but national issues.

Felda settlers need to free themselves from reading Utusan Malaysia and other media controlled by UMNO. According to a research done, the Media leads the category of people, the public distrusts most. I would urge felda people not to take seriously the propaganda material carried by UMNO controlled media. They are self-serving. They support thievery and cover these misdeeds.

Perhaps the 1.5% of the Felda children who made it to universities and who went on to be doctors, lawyers and other graduates, read this English article and can start narrating to their felda cousins. Tell them, you have been duped and made use of by the Najib government. It may come to a surprise to many of us, but the reality is, only 1.5 of the felda children made it to colleges and universities. We have been led into believing that many felda children have succeeded.

The Felda settlers most of whom are Malays may not realise this. The cost of living is going up . In part, and the people believed this- the higher cost of living is caused by the imposition of GST. The government is squeezing blood from stone.

Banks are closing many of their branches. Businesses are closing down. Big retailers like Giant, Tesco and Aeon are also feeling the pain and they are closing businesses and laying off workers. Many of these workers are Malay. Maybe they are also felda children. In short, the economy is not doing well. We are talking about the real economy.

But the government is going around the country, telling lies that the economy is good.

The government is doing a lot of red herring strategies. UMNO is helping PAS to hold a mammoth rally in Kuala Lumpur in support of a bill submitted by Haji Hadi. But the proposed bill has not even been debated.

In the past, the government of Najib was the opponent to any attempts to islamise the country. So when people demonstrate in Padang Merbok – against whom are they vehemently protesting?I am puzzled as many of you are too. The DAP is not the government.

The UMNO wolf is running with the PAS rabbits and hunting them at the same time.

The gathering is nothing more than a union of Malay supremacy and Islamic supremacy. It is a union of Malay and Islamic fascism. It has nothing to do with the elevation of Islamic ideals.

Clearly it is an attempt by the Islamic groups and Malay thieves to hide their criminal conduct and failures. UMNO will say the Malays who oppose them are not Malay enough. PAS will say those who oppose them are not Muslim enough. One party is doing ethnic blackmail, the other does spiritual blackmail. Race and religious bigots do that.

Closer to home Felda has not been forthcoming to settlers. For years they have not been transparent to settlers. Settlers demand to know how much their land earned and how much was deducted. Felda has not provided clear statement of accounts. The settler seems to be weighed down by ever increasing debts.

Felda has no money to pay for the Fresh Fruit Bunches settlers send to mills. Felda postpones payment to the following month. It always owes the settlers a backdated payment of half a month. That could be RM1500-Rm2000 per month.

After 3 years , replanted trees produced fruits and they produced income. How much of this income go to reducing the advances and loans taken by a settler? Generally speaking, a settler on average owes felda, RM120,000. How will the settler pay? Can they ever settle their debts?

In June 2012, Felda listed its subsidiary, FGV. The retail price was RM4.55. At that price, the earnings on the 2.1889billion shares sold, were almost RM10 billion. Where did the money go? Shahrir Samad, the new Felda chairman tells us, the money went to so and so. But he also revealed that he did not know where some RM4 billion of the money raised went to?

Was Shahrir Samad appointed to do the janitorial work of cleaning up the mess Najib committed with Felda? Now that the business has been shelved off to FGV, along with that, also went the operating costs of running the business. FGV a listed company now spends money on running the business. Felda saves money.

In return, Felda( the main body) which is owned by the government, receives passive income as an investor. FGV pays rent of around RM500 million plus 15% of the operating profits from plantations business. Probably they get around RM 700-800 million a year depending on the profits made by FGV. FGV has been making losses and this can mean the earnings or returns to Felda are decreasing. Felda still needs around RM1 to RM1.2 billion to manage the social obligations on the 317 felda settlement. They need to pay administrative costs, make loans to settlers, and increase the quality of life of settlers. If they take in RM700-800 million a year and needs to spend Rm1.2 billion a year, they are still short of RM400 million at least. Where will they get money?

They can get injections from the government. But that would be unfair. Why should tax payers money be spent of felda settlements when Felda fails to get enough money because of their incompetence and stupidity? We cannot go on subsidising incompetence and stupidity.

One of the main purposes of the upcoming Felda Congress is to increase public awareness of the massive corruption and embezzlement that is taking place in Felda. Because of the sheer size of Felda and its numerous business deals, the structure of the business allows unscrupulous people to bleed money from its business operations.


Peringatan Lembut untuk Warga FELDA

Pagi tadi, saya bersama YB Rafizi dan beberapa rakan2 lain, membuat suatu press conference mengenai Kongress Felda yang akan diadakan bulan March 2017 nanti. PC tersebut juga memberi ruang untuk kami dan rakan2 lain menimbulkan beberapa kemusykilan mengenai masa depan FELDA.

Lapuran odit 2016 untuk FELDA belum keluar lagi. Kita ingat mahu dapatkan audit report tahun berakhir disember 2016, untuk melihat banyak mana tanggungan FELDA. Sebelum trick tangan dilakukan.

Sebab kalau kita dengar cakap Isa Samad dan orang2 sepemikiran nya, semuanya , bak kata orang putih, hunky dory belaka. Tapi kita tahu apa sebenarnya berlaku.

Peneroka FELDA, seperti yang saya tulis dahulu, yang berjumlah 112,635 orang, yang mendiami di lebih 300 tanah rancangan, mesti sedar perkara ini. Musibah warga FELDA bukan terhad kepada isiu hutang purata RM120,000/peneroka, atau pertelingkahan kadar perahan atau rungutan bayaran bukan dalam bulan semasa. Ini masaalah yang ‘real’ yang dihadapi oleh peneroka setiap hari. Masaalah ini rentetan dan akibat dari tamak haloba seorang yang bernama Najib Tun Razak.

Tapi sengat bisa isu2 ini diringankan sedikit kerana secara umumnya, kehidupan warga FELDA terlindung. Sekurang kurangnya dapat elaun sara hidup dari RM1000-RM1500 sebulan, ada tanah untuk rumah, ada tanah ladang 10 ekar, ada kemudahan awam dan sosial dalam tanah rancangan dan lain. Mereka seolah olah nya leka kerana ada jaminan dari kerajaan UMNO untuk menjaga mereka. Dan berserta jamina tersebut, ancaman bahawa jika UMNO bukan kerajaan, kehidupan selesa peneroka FELDA akan hilang.

Namun demikian, untuk jenerasi kedua bagaimana?  Mengikut suatu kajian oleh UIA, anak peneroka FELDA yang berjaya menjadi pelajar pusat pengajian tinggi, jadi doctor, lawyer dan graduan2 bidang lain hanya 1.5% sahaja. Apa jadi dengan 98.5% lagi?

Mereka jadi sampah masyarakat, bercandu dan bermadat dan duduk ditanggung ibu bapa dalam tanah rancangan. Masa depan mereka bagaimana? Sedangkan tanah seluas 360,000 hektar milik FELDA plantations sudah dipajak kepada FGV dan tidak mungkin dikembalikan.

Perumahan untuk jenerasi ke-2 bagaimana? Najib menjanjikan 20,000 rumah kos RM70,000 setiap satu- berapa yang telah dibina?  Bagaimana jenerasi ke-2 yang tidak ada kerja dapat membiayai pembelian rumah2 ini? RM1.4 billion sudah diambil FELDA- mana rumah nya?

Bagaimana menyelesaikan hutang peneroka? Najib senaraikan FGV- konon beri RM1.7 billion sebagai durian runtuh kepada peneroka. Adakah peneroka menerima durian runtuh atau bonus atau pemberian hadiah wang ?

Peneroka mesti tahu bahawa masaalah mereka adalah sebahagian dari masaalah yang lebih besar- yakni musibah yang diperlakukan keatas semua rakyat oleh tamak dan haloba nya satu orang yang bernama Najib Tun Razak.

Pertama sekali- peneroka mesti ada perasaan sayang keatas institusi yang menjadikan mereka- iaitu FELDA. Mereka mesti menjaga nya dari dicerobohi dan diperkosa dengan rakus oleh Najib dan konco2 nya yang menjadikan FELDA dan ciptaan2 nya sebagai ATM peribadi.

Dalam tangan gerombolan yang tidak bertanggung jawab, wang RM10 billion hasil penyenaraian bukannya disalurkan untuk meningkatkan kualiti hidup peneroka, tapi geng2 yang mengejar komisyen dan memalsukan segala pembelian2 FELDA , berbelanja sakan ketas perkara2 yang tidak releven lansung kepada peneroka.

Bukan rumah dan perumahan warga felda yang dibina, tapi pengurusan FELDA membeli hotel dan kondominum. Bukan melabur dalam core business, tapi beli business yang bukan2 seperti membuka kedai2 pastry yang rugi dan ditutup, melaksanakan projek membela ikan sturgeon- ikan yang masih jadi bahan dan objek kaji selidik dinegara2 dimana ikan sturgeon itu ikan watan. FELDA gatal hendak membela sturgeon di sungai Pahang di Jerantut. Akibatnya rugi besar. Banyak lagi pelaburan yang mengarut yang dilakukan oleh Isa Samad dan rakan2.

Sekarang , Sharir Samad pula yang dilantik sebagai pengerusi FELDA. Adakah kebaradaan Shahrir Samad ialah untuk membersihkan kotoran2 Najib dalam FELDA? Itu pasal kita hendak lihat dan mentelaah lapuran audit FELDA untuk tahun 2016, sebelum Shahrir cleans up the mess Najib caused.


Thursday, 16 February 2017

Panduan Pratikal untuk Politisyen Muslim

Nota: adalah seorang pembaca yang budiman, memberitahu saya- jangan buang masa menulis dalam bahasa Melayu- orang Melayu tidak akan faham perkara yang hendak disampaikan. Peringatan dan teguran seperti ini, sudah banyak kali saya terima. Inginlah saya ingatkan pembaca seperti ini, jumlah orang melayu yang tahu bahasa Inggeris pun ada ramai. mereka ini saya harap dapat memanjangkan perkara yang saya sampaikan. Pembaca bukan Melayu pun mahu tahu isu yang kita bawa. Tulisan dalam bahasa yang mereka faham akan membantu penyibaran perkara yang kita bawa. Janganlah kita memandang rendah lapisan masyarakat yang mahu tahu isu2 yang dibawa dalam bahasa yang menyelesakan mereka, samaada dalam BI atau BM. Yang pandai bahasa Inggeris baca artikel dalam bahasa Inggeris; yang lebih faham bahasa Melayu, bacalah artikel dalam BM- tidak semestinya ditulis oleh saya. 

Kita telah sebut peranan politisyen Islam ialah melindungi setiap orang dari kebuasan pemerintah. Sebagai contoh: rakyat Malaysia hari ini dizalimi oleh pemimpin yang tidak amanah, suka menipu rakyat, menggunakan jawatan untuk mengayakan diri dan kawan2, menggunakan undang2 untuk menekan rakyat. Ini ciri2 kerajaan yang buas dan ganas. Rakyat dizalimi oleh pemerintah yang tidak cekap dan incompetent.

Kenapa kita mesti tolerate pemerintah seperti ini?

Pilihan untuk berdiam diri itu salah. Pilihan untuk menyembunyikan kebenaran itu menjemput sumpah laknat dari Allah dan juga sumpah seranah dari mereka yang ada hak untuk bersumpah; seperti mereka yang teraniaya. 
Golongan lemah yang terkesan dengan rompakan yang berlaku, terkesan dengan incompetence kerajaan, mereka berdoa supaya Allah selamatkan mereka. Mereka ini berdoa siang dan malam supaya Allah menyelamatkan mereka dari pemerintah yang menindas dan hantar penyelamat dan penlindung kepada mereka.  Lihat Quran 4:75.

Al Quran menceritakan bagaimana sebahagan kita yang ada kemampuan intelek dan material di perli oleh Tuhan mengapa tidak mahu berjuang untuk membela golongan mustad-afin yang lemah yang saban hari mendoakan supaya diberi pimpinan yang melindungi dan menyelamatkan mereka dari pemerintah yang buas, dan jahat.

Al Quran juga menceritakan bahawa laknat Allah dihempap atas mereka yang sengaja menyembunyikan kebenaran walaupun bukti ada mengaitkan Najib dengan angkara durjana 1MDB.  Lihat Al Quran 2:159

Mereka ini mensyaratkan mesti ada 4 saksi yang menyaksikan Najib benar2 melakukan pencurian. Jika demikian, heret semua pegawai2 yang mengendalikan 1MDB ke mahkamah terbuka supaya kita boleh soal mereka. Jangan sembunyikan perkara ini dibawah Akta Rahsia. Adakah Allah menyuruh kita menyembunyikan kemungkaran dan angkara durjana?

Fakta nya berbillion Ringgit dicuri oleh Najib dan konco2 nya dan ini dibuktikan dengan dokumentasi dan menjejaki aliran wang 1MDB. Kita akan ada lebih dari 4 saksi. Adakah Najib dan mereka yang mencuri duit dari 1MDB dilepaskan kerana tidak ada sesiapa yang melihat dengan mata sendiri aksi mencuri tersebut?

Atau kepada mereka yang cerdik sangat ini, mereka mahukan keadaan bila mana Najib dan Jho Low dan Eric Tan, dan Khadem dan Husseini al badawi hendak mencuri, mereka ini mewartakan bahawa- mari sini, 4 lelaki yang soleh, mari sini, lihat dan saksi kami mahu mencuri duit ini. Dan datang segera.Inikah keadilan yang para ustaz mahukan?

Ini kah jenis keadilan yang kita mahu? Jika demikian, Sirul Azhar dan Azilah tidak bunuh Altantuya sebab tidak ada 4 saksi yang melihat kejadian tersebut benar2 berlaku.

Rakyat yang terkesan dengan duplikasi dan kemunafikan mereka yang pegang kuasa, sama ada spiritual dan temporal menolak golongan seperti ini. Bersedialah untuk Allah melaknatkan mereka.

Menentang kezaliman adalah penentangan yang berterusan. Penentangan kezaliman tidak sama dengan penentangan keatas fitnah dan huru hara. Penentangan fitnah berhenti bila fitnah dihentikan oleh pihak lawan. Penentangan kepada huru hara berhenti bila pihak musuh menghentikan huru hara. Tapi kezaliman, selagi ianya berlaku, wajib dilawani. Al Quran 2: 193.

Jika Najib atau Hadi ingat mereka menghuni dunia yang tidak ada penentangan keatas perbuatan mereka, mereka meyimpang jauh dalam pemikiran. Itu hanya angan2 mereka. Sebabnya Tuhan beritahu kita, jika lah Dia tidak mengujudkan ada suatu kumpulan ynag menyekat perbuatan jahat kumpulan lain, maka hancur muka bumi ini. Lihat Al Quran 2:251

Dan jangan kita ingat golongan yang bertopengkan agama tidak jahat. Jangan kita ingat jubah dan serban yang mereka pakai itu menghalang mereka dari melakukan kejahatan, mengambil wang curi, menerima sogokan, melakukan maksiat. Abu Jahal dan Abu Lahab pun pakai jubah berpasal dan berserban besar kuali. Mereka orang jahat. Pakaian tidak menyekat perbuatan jahat dan maksiat. Janganlah kita letak premium yang tinggi berlebihan keatas cara orang berpakaian.  Kejahatan selalu bertopengkan kebaikan.


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